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Charli XCX: "What I Like" (Video)

Charli's filmed a slumber party on VHS for her new video and we're all invited.

So, I've been a bit scarily love with Brit babe Charli XCX ever since she molested a My Little Pony in an interview with us in-between waxing lyrical about Girl Power 2.0, and now she's bestowed a 90s-tastic video for "What I Like" on Noisey, to keep the obsession going.

In Charli's own words:

'"What I Like" is just a cute bedroom jam about hanging out and messing around and falling in love. It's just me fantasising about living by the beach with someone and just falling in love. We found an old VHS camera at our house and rented a room for the night in a hotel and shot the video with my two friends and director Ryan Andrews, who does all my videos. We ordered pizza and partied and played around with Roxy (the dog)."

Yeah, what she said. Except all my slumber parties involve a lot more junk food and crying on my own. Wuv u Charli xoxo

Charli's debut album True Romance drops April 15th via Asylum Records.