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My Super Sweet 16 Had the Best Guest Stars Ever

We found an incredible archive of stills featuring an all-star cast of mid-00's rappers.
June 18, 2013, 4:04pm

Remember when MTV had real music??!??11??!? No, not music videos—I'm obviously talking about My Super Sweet 16, whose 2005-2009 heyday showcased performances from a surprisingly deep selection of hip-hop and R&B stars. Like, one moment Juicy J's inducing unheard-of levels of trippiness in suburbia and the next E-40's lumbering out of a birthday Corvette and enunciating all over the place. This all seems weirdly out-of-place in 2013, where post-market-crash American EDM's mind-numbing escapism has become more palatable to mainstream tastes than street rap flexing. Not that kids listen to rap any less—it's just been wiped from major networks to the point where something seems weirdly progressive about these huge, diverse crowds of teens wiling the fuck out for defiantly regional figures like Keak Da Sneak and Crime Mob on national TV. See for yourself—I've screencapped my way through a vast archive of stills from the show to bring you some of the best guest star instances (complete with amazing original captions from some bored MTV intern) because, let's face it, the mid-2000's were the creative high point of our civilization. Zip your Bape all the way up, pour a tall glass of Pimp Juice (drink) and lose yourself in the moment.