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Premiere: Emil Stabil feat. Young Bong - "Fuck"

You could literally not give fewer fucks than Emil Stabil.

Generally speaking, life would be a whole lot peachier if you just didn’t give a fuck. Would you feel guilty for never ever contributing anything to the advancement of the human species? Nope. Would you feel actual physical pain upon finding a half-eaten cheeseburger in your coat pocket the day after a night out? No. Would you let the fact that you'll probably die alone surrounded by cats named after your favorite authors get you down? Of course not, because YOU DON’T GIVE A FUCK.

Yes, the aforementioned instances and many more would seem palatable—so we totally get where Århus rapper Emil Stabil is coming from on “Fuck," the latest track from his most recent EP Emil Stabil. “Fuck” is a rap anthem that actually revolves around the phrase "Jeg giver ikke en fuck," with a guy who calls himself Young Bong contributing a verse and some yelps and loud sounds in the background. The track is obnoxious, loud, and rowdy as fuck - a perfect fit considering the subject matter – and is released through Stabil’s own label, Lil Label, which he runs with Young Bong and another guy called Lil Producer. The best part, though, is that “Fuck” is a true testament to the power of music: we guarantee that as soon as you hear this song, you will have "Jeg giver ikke en fuck" stuck in your head and blasting your brain into oblivion for a long, long time.