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Barbie Does a Lot of Drugs and Has a Lot of Sex in this Unofficial Video for B.O.B.'s "John Doe"

B.O.B.: The perfect soundtrack for Barbies fucking.
April 27, 2014, 4:49pm

There are a few reliable ways to play with Barbies, and one of the best is making them pretend like they are fucking each other. Never mind the fact that Barbies don't have private parts; they are primed to fuck. Just look at those plasticky bodies. So toned. So hot. So porny. Is there anything more obvious to do with them? No, which is why Barbies are the perfect choice to re-enact an even more risqué version of the video for B.O.B. and Priscilla's newish single "John Doe."

The song itself is a pretty heartfelt discussion of addiction, covering everything from hiding prescription pill addictions to drinking entire bottles of liquor. The original video shows a young woman in the big city losing her way and falling into said drug-fueled vices, which leads, in turn, to some pretty dodgy sex. But in case that version didn't have enough different variations of people fucking, this supposedly fan-generated unofficial version with Barbies should do the trick. Barbie follows more or less the same descent, but she gets way nakeder and way more entangled with other Barbies and does an inhuman (duh, she's a doll) amount of drugs. Literally, like, piles of cocaine the size of her head. Dolls are so much wilder than real people, and this video is a pretty great take on the song.