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Dive Into The Dark and Glitchy Universe Of Cadenza’s “No Drama” Video

The London producer is joined by two incredible dancers, who thrust their limbs among the nightmarish dystopia that is unfurling around them.
Daisy Jones
London, GB

Sometimes, a track is so hard, so visceral and so packed with power, that it can only be fully digested when it’s being blasted out of the speakers in a dark, sweat-covered basement club. Cadenza’s bass-clattering masterpiece “No Drama (ft. Avelino and Assassin)” is one of those tracks, and, as of right now, it’s got an equally gut-twisting video to match.

In the video, which was directed by digital art duo Pussykrew, the London producer is joined by the two featured rappers, as well as two incredible dancers, who thrust their limbs around amongst the dark, digitalised landscape that is unfurling around them like a brilliantly nightmarish dystopia.

“We presented the artists as 3D scans and fused them with digitally created environment,” Pussykrew explained to Noisey. “The video may seem dark at first, but this darkness is not hopeless; it’s a state of matter where one can be reborn and reclaim their mastery…We decided to put the strong female characters at the front of the piece, as we thought they would be the best at translating the energy of the song and convey the message we wanted to communicate through the video.”

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