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Pop a Tab and Watch the Trippy Video for A$AP Rocky's "Jukebox Joints"

A$AP Rocky? More like ACID Rocky! Thank you.

A$AP Rocky's latest record AT.LONG.LAST.A$APone of Noisey's favorites of the year so far—is an album that embraces the beautiful world of psychedelics. Today, Rocky's continued down that colorful path with the release of the visual for "Jukebox Joints," in which he and his crew see colors and rap about it over soulful beats. This is the track on ALLA that features Kanye West, but Yeezy is unfortunately not part of the video. Kind of a bummer, as I'm sure Kanye sweating while tripping balls on LSD and running away from, like, a giant elephant or something would have been a pretty fun sight to see. Anyway, watch "Jukebox Joints" below.