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PREMIERE: Slow Season Bring Desert-Rock Jams with "DayGlo Sunrise"

Bringing the heat in the ides of autumn.

Photo courtesy of Slow Season

You ever hang out in the middle of a desert? If you spend any amount of time in the middle of the Mojave or wherever else, you forget about the rest of society and all the other shit that bugs you day to day. In the desert you can go at your own pace, do what drives you. And if you have the perfect soundtrack for it, like Slow Season's "DayGlo Sunrise," there isn't much you could ask for.

Slow Season is a rock band out of Central California that's into playing timeless rock music. Their upcoming self-titled record is a way for the band to examine rock music of the past through a modern lens, and putting the best parts into one record. The bluesy rock from the song "DayGlo Sunrise" captures the spirit and feeling of rock music in the 60s and 70s without getting too hooked on nostalgia. Instead the band just focuses on making sure they put out a killer sound, filled with a rising rhythm and killer solos. You're going to listen to the song and want to immediately pack your bags for a killer trip to the middle of nowhere, preferably with a ton of whiskey. Pick it up here before it's too late.