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Listen to Polo's Beautiful and Sparse "Visions of Fortune"

Sounds like BANKS has been out dancing in a bunch of dark English basement clubs.
November 3, 2015, 1:00pm

Polo's music sits far away from their Yorkshire, UK based roots. I get that sounds strange, but when you consider the counties most famous exports are the Kaiser Chiefs, The Cribs, and Alt-J it's both a good thing and a welcome refreshment to see a group from that side of the country put down the bits'n'bobs of do-it-your-self-indie and strive for something more complete, more wholesome.

The group's latest track is "Visions of Fortune"—a release that's shaded with the brilliance of glass-shattering production and coloured with slashes of sparse and beautiful vocals. "The song is dark, deep and accepting of the nature in which people can perceive things at face value, but the song isn't defeatist and certainly fights back," the band say. Listen below.

"Visions of Fortune" is out December 4.