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Holy Shit, It Looks Like The Spice Girls are Sort of Reuniting

Ginger, Baby, and Scary “want to have a big party - and when we do, you’re all invited.”

After a week in which The Spice Girls’s hit single “Wannabe” turned 20 and received an important, politically conscious makeover, it looks as though the iconic British girl band are getting back together. Kinda.

In a video released late yesterday, Melanie Brown, Emma Bunton, and Geri Halliwell say that they have “the best fans in the whole entire world” and that they want to “have a big party - and when we do, you’re all invited.” The 40-second video concludes by saying, somewhat inaccurately, “Happy 20th birthday to all our fans… This is a celebration for you! We hope to tell you soon…“


The video was released on a new YouTube channel called Spice Girls GEM which, it’s fair to assume, stands for Geri, Emma, and Melanie. Rolling Stone also reports that a new website,, has been set up, though it currently displays little more than the teaser video and the title “#wannabe.”

The two other members of the original line-up, Melanie Chisolm and Victoria Beckham, are both absent from the video and the promotional photo that accompanies it.

It’s worth remembering at this point that The Spice Girls heroically saved 90s pop from boring, male-dominated death. It’s also worth remembering that Spice World: The Movie was a classic of its time, an unfairly maligned gem that starred Richard E Grant and Meat Loaf. Seriously. Sporty Spice was always my favorite, though, so her likely absence is a bit of a downer. We'll all just have to watch this on repeat.

Alex Robert Ross had a crush on Sporty Spice when he was eight because she was a girl and she was wearing an England soccer jersey. Follow him on Twitter.