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Pitbull and Chris Brown's "Fun" Video Is the Greatest Crime Drama of All Time

Pitbull’s new girl is running an import-export scheme from Colombia to Miami. Pitbull has to go undercover and bring her in.

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This morning, Pitbull and Chris Brown released a video for a new single called “Fun.” The video is peak Miami and peak Pitbull: There are countless women in bathing suits, dudes in brightly colored linen suits, speedboats, a club, a pool, fancy cars, and, most importantly, undertones of criminal intrigue. Connoisseurs of the art of film know that if there is one thing from Miami that is even more famous than Pitbull, it is the city's rich history of crime dramas, which includes such triumphs as Bad Boys, Bad Boys II, Scarface, Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, Police Academy 5: Assignment Miami Beach, every rap music video ever set in Miami, and, obviously, Miami Vice.


“Fun” is Miami Vice themed, in that it uses the Miami Vice font and there is a criminal plot: Chris Brown has discovered that Pitbull’s new girl is running an import-export scheme from Colombia to Miami. Pitbull has to go undercover and bring her in:

How will this investigation unfold? Well, that’s just the first of many questions. For instance, how, if Pitbull is already dating this girl, will his going undercover help him catch her? Wouldn't either a) she already know he's a cop or b) her current status as his girl mean that he has successfully been undercover the whole time? No worries, let's have some fun! Dale!

Our hero starts by pulling up to a pool party where there are some bad guys lurking!

There are also some babes, babing! And Pitbull, in full crime-stopping mode, puts the "female body inspector" in FBI.

But Pitbull's true target is in the big window room, and he wastes no time in going for her.

Dale (more like DEA, am I right?)! But although Pitbull gets his girl into an intimate position, we're left without narrative resolution. The scene simply ends, and suddenly we're on a boat that, as far as I can tell, plays no role in the story. Is this boat a boat carrying drugs? Unlikely, since Pitbull is steering. Is it carrying the most potent drug of all, fun itself? Definitely. Look at all these dope shots of this boat:

So anyway, Pitbull is on the boat, along with Chris Brown, in what we might call Extremely Deep Cover. This is the part where you have to suspend your disbelief. See, much like the greatest action movies of our era, the Fast and the Furious franchise, the plot of "Fun" works best if you ignore the plot for a moment and think about how sweet the world of the film itself is. This is a world that defies all logic except the most obvious logic, which is that Miami is sweet and having fun is also sweet. Look at Pitbull and Chris Brown. They are having crazy amounts of fun. The story may be in flux, but my point stands.


Anyway, the investigation continues, and now we're at a club called Ocean Surf, which, if I were a minor character in a lesser movie describing it in a line of exposition, is a place that I might describe as "a hangout for high class thieves, beautiful women, and impossibly suave gentlemen." Since this is a prestige drama, however, such exposition is unnecessary. We have Pitbull rapping about touring with Enrique and smoking weed in moderation while also dancing alongside Chris Brown.

Damn. Let's pause for a moment to look at Pitbull, a True Detective. Wow. This guy could catch any international drug smuggler. Anyway, so Chris and Pitbull head into the club, and our mark is spotted. Detective Pitbull closes in. This could be the big moment for the arrest.

His target leads him down the hallway. Maybe this is where the drugs are! Maybe this is where we will find the kingpin. Or maybe it will all lead to betrayal. Pitbull, ever the dutiful investigator, is skeptical.

But his skepticism is calmed by his target, who has a sexy surprise waiting for him in the other room:

Ha! Never mind! Emphasis on surprise! Pitbull, our wily investigator, has had the tables turned on him. The hunter has become the hunted. He's been handcuffed to the chair!

Pitbull did not see this one coming, but now that he's here, he can appreciate how easily he was played. He was set up all along. The game of crime is ultimately a game of wits, and Pitbull has been vanquished. He has no option but to look on in admiration as his target makes her well won escape.

Damn, Pit. You were had. But look at that smirk. Not only does Pitbull appreciate a worthy adversary, he's happy that there is now a great setup for a sequel. "Fun" has resisted the easy narrative conventions of lesser action movies and introduced some narrative complexity. A twist ending! How fun is that? Extremely fun is the answer. Check out the full video below:

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