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PREMIERE: Deny the Cross's 'Alpha Ghoul' will Powergrind Your Day Into Dust

Stream the debut from the grind/powerviolence supergroup with members of Spazz, Black Army Jacket, Agents Of Satan, Municipal Waste, and Discordance Axis.

Listening to Deny the Cross's Alpha Ghoul is going to make your day better. I promise. No, really, hear me out here: you're probably having a shitty day, because it's another Tuesday in America and we all know how well things are going here. On top of that, you're probably at work, procrastinating, watching the clock, waiting to escape and spend too much money on dinner or half-suffocate in a stinking subway car or sit in traffic, silently withering into a rage husk. Maybe you have plans to meet up with your friends after all that, to see your friend Jeff's shitty band open for a shittier band, or buy an overpriced beer and hope to avoid seeing Trump's dessicated Cheeto face horking out at you from the TV screens looming above. Maybe you've had an excellent day, and are feeling awesome, and are looking forward to getting a good night's sleep—congratulations, good for you, but you can't count on that feeling lasting past 8AM tomorrow.

You know what you can count on, though? Grindcore—especially with gale-force drummer Dave Witte behind the kit and current and past members of Spazz, Black Army Jacket, Agents Of Satan, Municipal Waste, and Discordance Axis holding court before him (to be fair, Witte accounts for the majority of those namedrops). Deny the Cross isn't straight up grind, of course, but is rather locked in a too-close-to-call race for dominance that pits grindcore against classic powerviolence and stirs up enough punk stomp and dirty grooves to keep your head bobbing.

Alpha Ghoul is out 7/29 on Tankcrimes; snag a copy here, listen to it in its entirety below, and buck up—maybe tomorrow won't be so bad after all.