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Double Vision: Lollapalooza Style Is All About Matching Outfits Now

At this year's festival, standing out is about strength in numbers.

All photos by Petya Shalamanova

Every Lollapalooza offers its own trends and this year has been no different. Unlike other music festivals that focus on the stereotypical festival looks of fringe tops, boho aesthetics, and flower crowns, Lollapalooza tends to be a lot more straightforward. It’s less a scene for fashionistas and more an opportunity for teens and twenty-somethings from across the Midwest to converge in a big city unlike anything seen in their much smaller hometowns.


Past years focused heavily on Americana and the stars and stripes, but in 2016, friend groups have been matching up for looks equal parts cheesy, cheerful and bright. In a festival with hundreds of thousands of guests, it makes sense that the easiest way to standout is by looking like someone else. Here are the best of the best.

Banana Suits

Easily the most unusual and unique coordination of the weekend, these three friends decided to don banana costumes instead of regular clothing. It’s a reminder that as boring, corporate and common place the musical festival has become, there are still people out there who want to have a little fun and separate themselves from the festival herd.

Flag Swag

Flag Swag is still A Thing at Lollapalooza, as evidenced by our numerous photographs of coordinated stripes and stars on skirts, leggings, tank tops and fanny packs. America is trending in the heart of the country.

Bee Positive

Matching bee dresses, red caps and even dirt on their legs and sneakers make these two pretty damn adorable.

Pink Wigs

We call this look Natalie Portman Lite.

Nude Body Suits

Sometimes a match is so subtle and straightforward that you miss it. We love this look for its simplicity. Nude body suits, jorts and a LOT of glitter don’t distract from their lovely faces.


They must be as excited about the Dwyane Wade signing to the bulls as we are.

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