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They Don't Want You to Watch Nardwuar's Interview with DJ Khaled

The human serviette meets the human Snapchat.

God, we are so glad Nardwuar is back in good health, spending his SXSW interviewing none other than human Snapchat DJ Khaled. The two talk about vinyl, DJ Khaled working as a busboy at Shoney’s, his possible sex tape, and the perfect temperature for the air conditioning in the studio. DJ Khaled seems genuinely dumbfounded and amazed at the research Nardwuar did on him like he was David Blaine doing a magic trick. (Fast-forward to 9:40 to see how he handles a question about his family.)


Then the conversation veered towards Perfect Pussy, a topic which went over DJ Khaled’s head. This is how he reacted to being offered a copy of the band’s menstrual blood-infused LP.


“This,” DJ Khaled tells the human serviette, “is the biggest interview you ever did in your life.” Maybe. Though that Henry Rollins one will always be hard to top.

Watch the whole thing below.