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Mogwai Have Remixed Ludovico Einaudi and it's Dramatic as Hell

A pulsating take on the 'This Is England 90' composer's latest track "Drops."

Considering he's alt-classical, Ludovico Einaudi is probably the most popular alt-classical guy around. He's written 12 albums, soundtracked more than twenty films, composed music for Ricky Gervais' Derek and, more recently, Shane Meadows' This Is England 90, and he's the most streamed classical musician in Britain. Right now, he has all top ten positions on the iTunes classical chart—have you ever heard something more baller? He's the alt-classical Drake; the movie score Messi; the uber don of transcendental interwoven piano. And now "Drops" from his forthcoming new record has been remixed by Glaswegian post-rock luminaries Mogwai.


The result will make you want to stand on a hill and look pensively down onto a lake on a windy day, and you can do that exclusively via Noisey below.

Einaudi's new album Elements is out 10.16.