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PREMIERE: 'Face the Master' on Doom Trio Shroud Eater's Riff-Slinging New EP

Stream the burly Florida trio's new EP for Primitive Violence Records & Visual.

Photo courtesy of Shroud Eater Remember a few years ago, when the "Savannah sound" had the metal press all in a tizzy? Inspired by the undeniably talents of a core group of Savanimals—Baroness, Kylesa, and Black Tusk—magazines fell all over themselves trying to tie the three bands together, and, you know, they weren't entirely wrong. There were common threads running between the trio—burly riffs, thunderous bass, shades of metallic crust, DIY approach, and unapologetic rock'n'roll underpinnings kept them all moving forward. At this point, each of the three has matured and grown into itself, it's not as easy to pin down a singular sound that links them; it's more of an attitude.


Florida's Shroud Eater formed right on the cusp of that swamp-crazy 2009-2011 period, and from the look of things, the best parts of the Savannah sound oozed its way all the way down to Miami and took up residence in guitarist Jean Saiz's fretboard. While the trio's new EP, Face the Master, would fit comfortably on a shelf alongside Kylesa's first few albums and any High on Fire disc; hell, it was even mastered at the famed Jam Room, where some of Savannah's finest have coaxed their records into being. However, Shroud Eater stamp their own doomy tendencies all over this new EP, exemplified best by the title track's lurching pace and eerie vocal harmonies, and the bluesy leads and funereal crunch off its counterpart, "House of Endings."

With only two songs to its credit, Face the Master is a short ride, but you bet your ass it's one worth taking. Listen to the EP in full right here, preorder the cassette here, and scroll down for Shroud Eater tourdates:

Shroud Eater on tour:

Wednesday April 22 - Savannah, GA @ The Jinx

Thursday April 23 - Raleigh, NC @ The Maywood

Friday April 24 - Philly, PA @ Kung Fu Necktie

Saturday April 25 - NYC, NY @ St. Vitus

Sunday April 26 - Washington DC @ TBA

Monday April 27 - Wilmington, NC @ Reggie's

Tuesday April 28 - Charleston, SC - “Tunnel of Lust” House Show

'Face the Master' is out April 6 via Primitive Violence Records.

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