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Here's a Recording of Kanye's Verse on Vic Mensa's "U Mad," Which Is Coming Out Very Soon

Listen to Kanye's verse on Vic's "U Mad," as well as a snippet of what could be an "All Day" remix with Kendrick Lamar.

Vic Mensa / Photo by Bryan Allen Lamb

Last month, Kanye West and Vic Mensa performed a song together at Kanye's show in London called "U Mad." Or rather, Vic played the song during Kanye's show.

But Kanye is also a part of it, as evidenced by this video of Vic DJing last night in Chicago and playing the song with a Kanye verse that everyone in the building seems to know (including a very amped Kami de Chukwu, front and center). One of the song's producers, Smoko Ono (it is co-produced by him and Stefan Ponce), also told me earlier this year it was Kanye's favorite Vic Mensa song, which is historically a good indicator Kanye is about to be involved.


Anyway, here's the video of the song being played last night. We shouldn't have to wait long for more: Vic tweeted that he's excited to share something new, and the rumor on Reddit is it's coming at 11 AM (although who knows what time zone). Watch below.

And in case you're not amped enough, in other Kanye collab news, there's also a rumor that Kendrick Lamar is set to appear on the remix of "All Day," with this seven-second snippet being the chief evidence. Sounds legit, but check it out below and see for yourself:

(via Spin and MissInfo)

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