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Fat Tony and Kyle Mabson Are Charge It To The Game and This Is Their Song "Charge It To The Game"

Get ready for the newly minted duo's upcoming EP 'Urban Hall Of Fame' with this chill, shit-talking video.

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Let's crack some skulls. Let's get some rap bars in here that cause whiplash. Let's make people fear for, well, if not their lives, then at least a strong rebuke. Let's get a rap duo who's going to catch you with your pants around your ankles, tripping over your own goddamn feet, you fucking loser.

Sorry if that was aggressive, but this new collaboration Charge It To The Game will get you feeling that way. Charge It To The Game is Fat Tony, chill guy rapper from Houston, and Kyle Mabson, LA DIY scene mainstay and erstwhile DJ/producer, and they're getting ready to put out an EP called Urban Hall of Fame.


"I started making these weird industrial sounding instrumentals with a bunch of synths I had required," Mabson explained over email. "I had been in a lot of bands but hadn't done too much electronic based stuff. I, of course, had fooled around and made dumb things on Ableton Live and other programs but knew I wasn't into watching performances of someone standing at a laptop. I love industrial and hard electronic stuff, but the genre hasn't had many changes in the last 30 years, just angsty white people over some sequenced synths. I thought it'd be cool to pair what I was doing with the electronics with someone rapping because I hadn't really heard anything like that. I reached out to Tony because I know he can get down with some weird ideas and the rest is history, BAYBAY."

It's clearly going to rip your eyeballs out of your skull and melt your ears to… whatever melted ears look like. Tony goes in with shit-talking bars and punchlines that, in his words, "can keep a cripple crumping," while Mabson bangs the ever-loving fuck out of the beat.

"Dealing with these airheads / make a nigga want to go and get his fucking head checked," Tony raps, continuing, "step one: call em tell em it's done / even if it's been fun or been great / you don't need a full plate / chop em like a sensei / choppin' like Screw in his heyday."

The video features the duo delivering their respective parts in a winking deadpan, throwing money, pissing on shit, and gloating over YOUR grave. Wow. Owned for life. The EP is coming soon and features, among other things, a guest rap verse from Samuel Herring of Future Islands. Yes, this is about to be your new favorite rap duo. Yes, this is going to reinvent music as you know it. Don't trust me? Here's what Tony had to say:

"I've known Kyle for years through our tremendous amount of mutual friends, but we've never done more than eat gourmet meals and laugh at 90 percent of our surroundings. Fall 2015, he hit ya boy up with some instrumentals and I said 'ooh.' I went to his house for four or five days and hammered out every song pretty much in a stream of conscious fashion. Joel from Sweet Valley recorded the EP and here we are today ready to change lives everywhere for better or worse."

Watch the video for "Charge It To The Game" below:

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