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Watch Lil Yachty Wade Through the Waters of Life and GIFs with a Harpoon in "1 Night"

The Internet is a great place for creating a video this good.

In the event that the planet's obliterated tomorrow by an asteroid (because that shit just happens sometimes), let this video for Lil Yachty's anti-cuffing anthem "1 Night" stand as the key document of where human civilization was at c. May 2016 AD.

The Glassface and Rahil-directed visual looks like how Lil Boat the mixtape sounds: colourful, self-referential, and bursting with giddy energy as Yachty ransacks his way through the endless junkpile of internet culture.


As his mixtape cover comes to life, Yachty inserts himself into nearly every goofy Twitter meme you can think of. One minute he's a teary-eyed Jordan, the next he's Jay-Z checking his phone courtside as Beyoncé sneaks a glance. He also parties with a bunch of Vine and Instagram stars in a tiled, Adobe-engineered void.

Look, there's a lot happening in this clip and almost all of it is vital, so just watch the "1 Night" video below.

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