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We’re Not Sure What Bloods Want On Their Premiere Video

Check out the first single from Sydney trio’s debut album.

You could never accuse Sydney band Bloods of being afraid of the camera. In their relatively short career they've punched out seven music videos. Almost one for each song. Just spend a moment on that.

Of course it helps that the trio are as photogenic as a fresh puppy, and that their bratty "denim-jacket-bubble-gum" pop seems made for the three-minute music video format.

Their latest track "Want It", directed by lead singer/guitarist MC and long time collaborator Dexter Cornelius, has a punchy call and response that brings to mind another photo-genetically advanced outfit, Super Wild Horses.

"Want It" is the first single from their soon-to-be released-yet-to-be-titled debut album that has been recorded by Mr. Owen Penglis (Straight Arrows/Palms/every good band in Sydney)

Bloods debut album will be released in August on new label Tiny Galaxy.