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MellowHype: "Grill"

Hodgy and Left Brain keep on their grind in the latest cut off their upcoming album.
October 5, 2012, 10:25am

Remember the rapidness of the Odd Future backlash when everyone was like, "THEY SUK NOW, I KNEW ABOUT DEM WAY B4 EVERY1 ELSE ANYWAY", and started slating them for essentially doing exactly the same shit they've been doing for years, except with more money and a major signing?

Welp, now that that's kinda died down, it's given OF offshot, MellowHype, more breathing space to strike out on their own. What the duo, Hodgy Beats and Left Brain, may have once lacked in blog currency in the shadows of enfant terrible frontman Tyler, they've been making up for with consistently slick, carefully produced releases. "Grill" is another cut off their forthcoming, Numbers, that's more accomplished than I reckon anyone's going to give them credit for.