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This Cello Bow Costs $175,000

Calling all history buffs, fanatical music nerds, or really rich people who like to collect useless bullshit...

Awesome news everyone! eBay user mariam94 is selling “a very rare, superb French certified cello bow by Francois Xavier Tourte, ca.1820"—or, in regular human terms, a cello bow. A super rare cello bow. And it can be all yours at the low, low, totally reasonable price of 175,000 DOLLARS!!

Okay, so that's a pretty fat wad of dough, but Francis-Xavier Tourte was a large contributor to the development of the modern bow, which makes this eBay artifact a remarkable piece of music history. (Still one fat wad of dough, though.)

Just to put this in perspective for you, here are a list of other things you can do with 175K:

  • Buy kind of crappy house.
  • Put a down payment on a nicer house.
  • Buy one really nice car.
  • Buy a few pretty nice cars.
  • Start a small business.
  • Live in New York for a month or so.
  • Buy 2,500 cello bows that you will actually use.

So if you're a huge history buff, a fanatical music nerd, or just a really rich person who likes to collect useless bullshit, just know that even after you drop a load on this ridiculously expensive relic, it'll never actually touch the strings of a cello. It probably won't ever be touched by human hands. It is only to be observed over your luxurious fireplace as a constant reminder of the horrible mistake that you have made.