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Radioactivity Are Here To Pick Up Where The Marked Men Left Off

Stream the First Song Released from the Band’s Debut LP

There’s a line in High Fidelity that record-collecting nerds love to quote. Actually, they love to quote the whole movie (“Is that Peter Fucking Frampton?”), but there’s one scene in particular where Jack Black is pushing the Jesus and Mary Chain on a customer. In his best music elitist voice, he says, “They picked up where your precious Echo left off, and you're sitting around complaining about no more Echo albums.”


The same goes from The Marked Men. Fans of the legendary Texas band have been griping for four years now that the band needs to get their shit together and put out a new album. Well, you may not be getting one anytime soon. But fortunately, Radioactivity are here to pick up where your precious Marked Men left off.

Radioactivity is made up of Jeff Burke and Mark Ryan, who you may know as the guys who give the Marked Men that distinct Marked Men-y sound. Radioactivity came out of nowhere and are about to drop not one but two albums in the near future, with their debut self-titled album out on October 29 from Dirtnap Records. Not only does it sound like a Marked Men record, but it sounds like a very, very good one at that. Easily one of the best albums of 2013. And with another one lurking around the corner, this is like lo-fi Christmas.

Go ahead and eject that sad bastard Belle & Sebastian tape that your coworkers have been listening to and enjoying and stream a song from Radioactivity’s self-titled debut below. Get instantly hooked.