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Stream Que's "Who Is Que" EP

And get a glimpse at a night in the studio with him and Sonny Digital.

Earlier this year, when we sat down to interview Que after the viral success of "OG Bobby Johnson," there were two questions that seemed to circle around the up and coming artist: Will he be a one hit wonder, and who is Que?

Today, he's answering both of those questions with the premiering of his 6-track project, Who Is Que. Let's state the obvious: most of these songs have already hit the blogosphere, from the "OG Bobby Johnson" remix to "Time" and even the Trey Songz-assisted "Too Much." With the exception of "Money," you've turned up to all of these songs in the club over the past few weeks. Regardless, they still all fucking bang, and we're streaming it a day early but you can officially pick it up on iTunes tomorrow.

And as a bonus cut, we've got a behind the scenes look at Que and Sonny Digital in the studio—"Club 516"—where the Who Is Que EP was recorded.