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Premiere: Watch Wara From The NBHD's "98 Rocafella" Video

The Atlanta up-and-comer pairs some laidback visuals with his latest single.

At this year's CMJ Festival, there were a few winners. Kelela wooed crowds with her dreamy performances, even admist the clusterfuck of cigarette smoke at 285 Kent. Two-9 was literally all over the damn city. And then there was

Wara From The NBHD

. The Atlanta up-and-comer played at the Fader Fort, and made his rounds to most of the events. He's a softspoken dude whose stage name—Wara From The [Neighborhood]—fits him well: he's a pretty normal 23-year-old, born in Brooklyn and raised in Atlanta, whose lyrical talents are evolving, project to project.

Today, we're premiering "98 Rocafella," which was directed by Wara and Wes Sherwin, with guest appearances from the Playin Four Keeps crew. "I felt like going with the karate feel [and] stepping outside the box for a song entitled "98 Rocafella" in a subliminal way because I know everyone was expecting a traditional rapper video," Wara says. "I just wanted to keep it minimal and entertaining." And that's what it is.

The track samples The Two Things in One's "Walk on By" and is part of a double sided single with the second installment "Squeal (B-side)" dropping next month.

Listen to his standout project, The Ill Street Blues, and watch "98 Rocafella" above.