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Chill out and Listen to J.I.D., 6LACK, and India Shawn's "Mourning Star"

The Atlanta trio shows off the city's laid-back side and previews the upcoming 'International Sad Boyz' project.
September 5, 2014, 2:38pm

Along with the general weirdening of mainstream Atlanta rap over the last couple years, there's been a proliferation of more alternative-minded music coming out of the city, with acts like EarthGang, Childish Major, and Raury that call to mind the hippy perambulations of collectives like the Dungeon Family or the Soulquarians. J.I.D., 6LACK, and India Shawn are all part of this world—J.I.D. is part of EarthGang's Spillage Village collective, and 6LACK is a recurring collaborator—and "Mourning Star" is a convincing case for making those comparisons.


Drifting in the realm of neo-soul thanks to Patrick "Phreddy" Hanafin's jazz-inflected beat, 6LACK and India Shawn's lilting singing, and J.I.D.'s laid-back, lightly political musings, "Mourning Star" is a cut off 6LACK and J.I.D.'s upcoming joint project International Sad Boyz. Zoned-out and playful, with J.I.D. flipping through the syllables of words like "implore" and "implode," it's a smart song that's not necessarily trying to be smart. As a result, it's soothing, and it's the perfect thing to play on this lovely Friday afternoon while you hang around your living room and maybe smoke some weed or something. Check it out below: