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Nicki Minaj Brings Her "Anaconda" Dance to Fashion Week

She gave Alexander Wang's models an invaluable lesson.

When most artists make appearances at New York Fashion Week, they quietly sit front row, pose for a few pictures, and duck the hell out before the selfie requests pour in. But Nicki Minaj is not like most artists and there is absolutely nothing quiet about her. So when Nicki hit up the main attraction of every season, Alexander Wang's show, of course she did it in the most Minaj-like way possible.

The Queen of Everything went backstage and gave Wang's models an invaluable lession: how to do the "Anaconda." Usually models are stiff and stalk-like but leave it to Minaj to get them to loosen up. Thankfully Minaj and Vogue posted Instagram videos and Vines of the whole tutorial. In a custom Alexander Wang top, her alterego Barbie casually strolled backstage saying, "Hey, it's Nicki Minaj and we're here at Alexander Whaaa—I think we got an 'Anaconda' problem." Next thing you know, Minaj has the models recreating her moves from the music video, shake by shake, on chairs.


We already knew Minaj was one of the best rappers alive but now we know she's also one of the best choreographers around. Can the Nicki Minaj School of Dance please become a thing?


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