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Check Kitsuné's New Addition—Frances and her Debut "Fire May Save You"

A step away from the dancefloor for the Parisian label.

Paris tastemaker label Kitsuné can be relied on for two things:

expensive but awesome threads

and a choice selection of up and comers. In general their signees sway towards the dancefloor, but 20-year-old Frances, who hails from the nondescript English town of Newbury, is a surprising change of pace. Above is the premiere of her debut track "Fire May Save You"—a soaring torch tune hinged on the affecting intimacy of Frances' unforced tones.

However, Kitsuné being Kitsuné, they're releasing the EP with a brace of remixes that does indeed cater for the more electro-minded. Dillistone, Cesare, and Luka are all on board. Check out the Cesare remix below.

Fire May Save You is out via Kitsuné on 9/1.