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Jheez! Jammer's Latest Video is a Throwback to UK Garage Raves and Moschino

The track, which features production from Chase and Status and My Nu Leng, is one giant wave.

After what looked to be a Great Big British Night Out on the town after the Brits, it emerged that Drake had signed to Boy Better Know. Or at least, as far as contracts go, he's spiritually aligned himself with the London based label and movement. That's not to say any of the BBK crew are going to slow down or move away from their roots though. In fact, if Jammer's latest track is anything to go by, then far from it.


"Sun City" is released on Chase and Status MTA Records label, features production credits from them and My Nu Leng, and is an instant tidal wave, one that's capable of transporting you into a realm of double jack and cokes, sticky floors, and nice trainers. Here's Jammer himself on what the track's all about.

"When Chase & Status played me the beat at their studio, I connected with it instantly… We caught a wave with it, the beat's a mad ting."

"The video takes it back to the era of raving we grew up with – UK garage. I wanted to bring that vibe back, along with the old skool Moschino look. 'Sun City' is also a nod to the UKG rave of the same name. It was one of my favourite events growing up and this is all about getting your mates together for the ultimate night out."

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