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Mackned Counts His Blessings in a New Ryan Hemsworth Produced Track "I Love Money"

The Seattle prodigy is launching into 2016 with clear vision and a shitload of tight garms.
Emma Garland
London, GB
January 7, 2016, 5:30pm

Last year saw MC and producer Mackned link up with everyone from Tommy Kruise to Lil Debbie as he pulled his city's grunge legacy feels-first into the present day. Now the Seattle prodigy is launching into 2016 with clear vision, a shitload of tight garms, and a new Ryan Hemsworth produced track called "I Like Money".

Taken from his forthcoming release Celebrity Etiquette, "I Like Money" is a delicate display of strengths. Mackned and Hemmy have collaborated before, and their shared ability to cross-breed cultural influences makes them masters in the art of being simultaneously emotional and turnt up. This time, though, the pair are really in their element - with Hemsworth bringing beats that land as soft as a t-shirt on a pillow, and Mackned counting his blessings and putting his money where his mouth is: where everyone can see it, basically.

Check out the video, directed by Wiggy, premiering below.

Celebrity Etiquette drops 1/11/16.

For those Stateside, Thraxx + GBC tour kicks off 1/14 in Seattle. Tickets here: