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Feeling Shitty? Seoul's "White Morning" Will Make You Better

Random band name, amazing music.

There are some mornings when a piercing crisp light can be the most beautiful, life-affirming, spirit-cleansing delight that Mother Nature has to offer. There are other times when it can be the worst thing in the world, namely when you’re crawling out of the club at 6am, a sweaty dishevelled mess, and seeing businessmen out on their morning jogs, which leaves you to feel like the scum of the earth. Seoul recall the former with their second single "White Morning," taken from upcoming album I Become A Shade. Having only formed last summer, the Montreal trio create intricate, art-focused pop, and this song’s gentle dream-like structure is reflected in the video’s light hues and floating camerawork.

Download their song "Stay With Us" for free.