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Fucked Up’s Jonah Falco Gets His Soft Side On With Lonely Wholesome

His new record comes from Toronto's East End via Box Hill.
July 2, 2014, 11:08pm

Though best known for his work as drummer for loud-mouthed Toronto punks Fucked Up, Jonah Falco has a softer side. It’s called Lonely Wholesome and while the name sounds like some Nebraska emo band from the 90s, the songs are very much listenable. Think a poppy Wire with more cooing vocal melodies. It's all very nice.

A new 7” has been released on Wild Animals, a label run by Englishman Dan Williams who now operates out of Box Hill, a Melbourne suburb known for it’s cheap Asian food and that it doesn’t have any pubs.


Besides Fucked Up, Jonah plays/played in Career Suicide, Smart Boys and Mad Men but as the name suggests Lonely Wholesome is a completely solo affair.

We caught up with Jonah to find out more.

Noisey: How did the record end up being releasesd on a label based in Box Hill, an Australian suburb that for a long time was 'dry'.

Jonah Falco: I wish I had a more romantic story to tell, or rather, a less 21st century one. I was reading through the "other" messages on Facebook and found one from Dan dated over two years old. Seems like he heard the songs online and asked about doing a record for some really old material. After two or three labels fell through on releasing Lonely Wholesome material we simply made it happen. I had no idea about Box Hill, but actually the Junction Triangle neighborhood I live in in Toronto was completely dry between the beginnings of Prohibition until about 2001.

How long has Lonely Wholesome been in operation?

I'd say since about 2007/2008, but you can't really say it's in operation. I’ve never played a gig and until last week we'd only released a lathe cut flexi and only existed under people's breath. I've got some plans coming together, though.

Is Ben Cook or anyone else from Fucked Up involved in the new recording?

Ben helped me record the vocals and mix both the tracks on the 45. He helped me with the early stuff too and was even the crucial connection to of the existence our first release (the lathe version of "Vanity") but as far as musicians go, it's always been just a solo project for me. Going to get together with him and some other Toronto types in the summer to record about five new songs. In the past I’ve just tracked everything on my 8-track so it's time for an upgrade.


I know you are a record collector/nerd. Have you picked up anything cool lately?

I have been taking it easy on records lately, but the only really noteworthy stuff I've grabbed was the first Chrome LP and a reissue of the Pinochet Boys on 7".

'Vanity/Lethargy' is available now from Wild Animals


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