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Alessia Cara did "Here" with The Roots Last Night and It Felt Like A Thing

It was kind of like Britney's late-night debut but in HD and with lyrics that aren't about sadomaschism.
July 30, 2015, 11:09am

We're obviously crushing relatively hard on Alessia Cara at the moment, especially after we took her on her first ever date. It feels like the rest of the world is catching up too, she made her late-night debut last night on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, performing "Here" with The Roots as her backing band.

You know that video when Britney first goes on Letterman - and it's not like the best performance or anything, but there's just the girl in white trousers and fucking snowflake sequins in her hair and the song bangs so hard and you just kind of know that for decades to come they'll be showing this clip as her first performance. That's kind of what it was like only in HD and sung live and with lyrics that aren't about sadomaschism.