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Come Watch the Blazing 1Xtra Freestyle That's Got the Entire Internet Talking

Rising MC Roll Safe did a 'Fire in the Booth' session that sent for Stormzy, Krept & Konan, his ex Chantelle, and has over 130k views in less than 24 hours.
November 11, 2015, 11:16am

Yesterday afternoon, at 4.01pm, Radio 1Xtra finally uploaded the full video of one particular MC’s Fire in the Booth slot from Charlie Sloth’s recent show. Now, rap scholars, take note, this one is for the history books.

Roll Safe, often shortened to RS, was invited by Sloth to perform on the show, because, as Sloth himself admitted, the rapper has “the maddest heat on the street right now”, largely due to the success of his #HoodDocumentary, a street shot film that followed RS on his daily endeavours around "the hood". And in less than 24 hours, the resulting freestyle has been viewed over 130,000 times.


RS arrived, in his trademark open leather duster with bare chest (“#noshirt”) and gold Africa medallion, and the freestyle he delivered, mostly unprepared - only checking his phone when he genuinely received texts - was sad, deep, aggressive, even powerful at times.

IT'S HERE @CharlieSloth @KayEwumi #RSFireInTheBooth Watch

— BBC Radio 1Xtra (@1Xtra)

November 10, 2015

Truth be told, this wasn’t even Roll Safe at his finest. He repeatedly asked for Charlie Sloth to drop his most preferred instrumental, “Wonderwall” by Oasis, but the 1Xtra DJ outright refused, offering up Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky”, before the two finally agreed on spitting bars over Adele’s “Hometown Glory”.

Roll Safe did not mince his words. He happily took shots at Krept & Konan - “Hold tight Krept & Konan, they jumped on this one and went in… but there’s a new boss in town” - before sending for Stormzy so hard he might as well have posted him a letter - “Hold tight Stormzy, you wanna get murky? Your breath stinks, just shut up.” Stormzy was quick to respond with "Bro do you think I'm LJ?!? Say no more. You're fucked. Watch.", but regardless, footage of Roll Safe’s send is doing 4,000 RT numbers on Twitter and counting.


— BBC Radio 1Xtra (@1Xtra)

November 10, 2015

Dramatically, the whole session culminated with Roll Safe actually falling out with host Sloth, and the final few minutes of this Fire in the Booth mostly consist of the pair arguing.


Roll Safe’s bars aren’t on Rap Genius just yet, but we’ve put a few on paper for all the fans. Here’s a couple highlights from his 1Xtra freestyle. Starting with his hard love bars:

Chantelle, I loved you.
But you cheated with Jonathan from church.
I'm gonna run up, and spray him,
and leave him,
in the church

Hard love bars with added fire:

Back in the day,
Me and you baby,
We use to have fun,
Until you deliver that baby,
That’s not my son

And don’t forget:

Just wait for the drop and listen,
I don’t think you’re listening,

Watch the entire episode below and keep reading:

Okay, okay… Seriously though, Roll Safe is the comedic character of one Kayode Ewumi (co-written by Tyrell Williams), and the documentary that propelled him to fame earlier this year is indeed a mockumentary. But regardless, the man’s got talent… We haven’t heard bars like this since "Hotline Bling".

Watch the first episode of #HoodDocumentary here.

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