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A Guy Lost His Ear at an Eagles of Death Metal Show in Toronto

"It was an unfortunate occurrence."
May 9, 2016, 5:02pm

Eagles of Death Metal at CMW. Photo via Instagram.

UPDATE: TMZ reports that a "chunk" of ear was lost by the victim. They have graphic pictures of said ear-chunk on their site. Click here to see them at your own discretion.

A fight broke out at Eagles of Death Metal's May 7 CMW show at the Opera House and a fan lost his ear in the process. Canadian journalist Alan Cross initially reported the story via his own sources present at the show, who said that a fight had happened in front of them and that one man's ear was bitten off. The source said that security had to recover the man's ear.

The Opera House's general manager Athena Towers told Noisey that a fight between two concertgoers happened "almost towards the end of the show." She also confirmed that the ear of one of the concertgoers was lost during the fight. According to Powers, the fight "was already over" when security arrived. Ambulances were called and the concertgoer who started the fight was arrested and charged with aggravated assault. "It's just something that happened," said Powers, "It was an unfortunate occurence."

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