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Here Are 1,000 Musicians Playing Foo Fighters’ “Learn to Fly” at the Same Damn Time

How much Foo is TOO much Foo?

Dave Grohl! Everyone loves Dave Grohl. Seems like every single day we’re hearing about Foo Fighting man Dave Grohl and his adventures. Uh oh! Dabe Grhol break his leg. Oh but yay now David playing guitar in cool chair. Hooray! That rocks. Wow Dav Growl is so great. What’s new in the Land of Grohl this week?

Apparently some people in Cesena, Italy wanted Dave to Foo Fight in their town so badly that they got 1,000 musicians together to cover his song “Learn to Fly.” If you liked the original version, just imagine how fun it would be to hear it covered by 1,000 fans! Better yet, open this window up in 1,000 tabs, hear it covered a million times! Can never get enough of Foo Man Davvve Grhohohl!!!