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Pusha T Confirms He'll Release a New Album on December 18 Called ‘Darkest Before Dawn’

The album will be a prelude to his long-anticipated 'King Push,' which the rapper says will release in the spring.

Earlier today, Pusha T stopped by the VICE office to sit down for an interview with Noisey. Dressed in all black and sporting his new Adidas EQT sneaker, King Push held court with us in one of our conference rooms, talking extensively with us about his career, growing up, and what's coming.

Among the conversation, Push confirmed reports that he'll be putting a new album out before year's end on December 18. It's called Darkest Before Dawn, and will be a prelude to his long anticipated King Push, which he says he'll drop in the spring.

"I’ve been recording so much—I didn’t want to break up that body of work," the 38-year-old said in reference to King Push. "I feel like I had the producers doing things that they weren’t usually known for, a little out of their wheelhouse. I wanted to give the fans that body of work. That’s the music I love, and that’s the music that my fans love from me. Instead of having those moments throughout King Push, let’s just separate the game."

Pusha T also named a bunch of producers on the record, including Kanye West, Puff Daddy, Timbaland, Q-Tip, Baauer, and Nashiem Myrick.

We talked about a whole bunch of other stuff—like about how Timbaland called him in the middle of the night because he was so excited about the "Untouchable" beat—but we'll get to that when we publish the interview later this week. Stay tuned.