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Mu-Gen’s Throwback Euro Electro Mix Is a Celebration of the Greatest Tour de France of All-Time

The only mix featuring Kraftwerk, Jean-Michel Jarre and legendary cycling commentator Phil Liggett.
July 19, 2016, 11:01pm

Image: Cycling Week

It’s Tour de France time, which for the casual observer means, latexed dudes riding expensive pieces or carbon up and down French hills, the occasional stack, and more cowbells then a Blue Öyster Cult recording session

But for the serious Shimano heads, Le Tour is 23-days, 3,500 kilometres and many hours in front of SBS, following Sagan, Froome, and Cavendish battling it out on the roads of the picturesque French countryside.


The 1989 Tour was an especially gruelling race. In what many regard as the greatest Tour of all time, American Greg LeMond edged two-time winner Frenchman Laurent Fignon by just a mere eight-seconds to win the yellow jersey.

Mu-Gen, a stalwart of Melbourne’s underground music scene, is a cycling fanatic and former A-Grade professional competitor. To celebrate the 2016 Tour de France and pay tribute to the 1989 race he has put together a throwback European electro mix that features Kraftwerk, Jean-Michel Jarre and the classic commentary of Phil Liggett that relives the epic drama of the infamous final showdown from Versailles to Paris.

Mu-Gen will be appearing this weekend at Domestique, a Melbourne’s pop-up bar that will be showcasing three alpine stages of le Tour de France on a cinematic nine-metre screen.

It certainly sounds more fun and exotic than watching the race in your pyjamas on the sofa, alone with some reheated soup.

MINI-MIX: Mu-Gen – 1989: The Greatest Tour de France of All-Time

Paul Shelley – 1989 Channel 4 TV Tour de France Theme
Zip – Give It To Me
Kraftwerk – Tour de France
Unknown – ITV Tour de France Theme
Telex – Moskow Diskow
Jean-Michel Jarre – Zoolookologie
I-f – Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass
Mu-Gen – 1989 Channel 4 TV Tour de France Theme (Remix)

Catch Mu-Gen alongside Jean Pierre, DJ PT, Chestwig and Tim Murphy at Domestique, running from Thursday July 21 – Saturday July 23, from 7pm–late at the Auto LP Warehouse, Abbotsford.