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Here's an Excuse to Re-Watch All Gorillaz' Classic Videos Right Now: They Are Re-Uploading Them in HD

Why is this good news? Because A) their videos are aesthetically incredible, and B) usually in really awful YouTube quality.

You know when you get home from a night out and you’re not quite ready to stop just yet? So you order a pizza and stick something on YouTube? And someone suggests Missy Elliott’s “She’s a Bitch”? And before you know it, it’s 7 AM and you’re staring, wide-eyed, at your 14th Missy Elliott video in a row, and then you’re clicking on Missy Elliott interviews from 2002, and then you’re clicking on Missy Elliott’s first ever televised performance, and then you realise you’re knee-deep in a late night YouTube hole that you can’t quite lift yourself out of?


Well, here’s something new to fuel those inevitable late night YouTube music video sessions. Over the past 24 hours, Gorillaz (who are due to release a new record in 2017) have started a process of taking down all their old videos and replacing them with shiny new HD versions. This is a big deal because A) every one of their videos are aesthetically incredible, and B) most from their first two records were originally uploaded back when YouTube music videos looked like they were lower definition than a god damn Nintendo Game Boy screen.

So far, they’ve only updated three of them (“Feel Good Inc,” “Clint Eastwood,” and “19-2000”), which you can watch below (and remember to click that little quality adjustment button). But according to this Reddit thread, there are many more to come.