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Listen to Marvelous Mark's New Album 'Crushin'

Very marvelous, extremely crushin'.
Emma Garland
London, GB

Just look at that. Is that not the most stunning press pic you have ever seen? That is Mark Fosco—previously of the Toronto before-they-were-famous supergroup Marvelous Darlings (which also included Matt Delong from No Warning and Ben Cook of Fucked Up)—who now has a solo project called Marvelous Mark. We premiered his EP earlier this year, which proved that he is marvelous both by name and nature, and now he's back with a full album called Crushin', which is premiereing below.


Sounding a bit like Big Star with power-pop overtones and a pop-punk driving force, Crushin' is a collection of songs bursting with feeling that sound like they were written while the sun was either going down or coming up. Sifting through you'll find a little bit of Rites of Spring, a little bit of Yuck—a little bit of everything combined to make something very marvelous and extremely crushin'.

Listen below.

Crushin' will be released on January 15 via Drunken Sailor Records with the first 100 copies on yellow vinyl. It's available to pre-order now.

Mark will be touring the UK and Europe next year.