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PREMIERE: Hear Baroness Ring "The Iron Bell"

Stream a piece of rock'n'roll brilliance off the band's long-awaited new album, 'Purple'.

Photo by Jimmy Hubbard

The return of Baroness has been one of 2015's biggest rock'n'roll stories. The saga of their journey back to the stage tugs at the heart strings—a band at the top of their game overcomes horrible trauma and a difficult lineup reshuffling to return with their most ambitious work to date—and fans have been desperate to find out just how much the band's sound will have changed (if at all) following their star-crossed hiatus. The answer, Purple, is nearly upon us, and Noisey is delighted to premiere the song "The Iron Bell" below.

"The Iron Bell" is all up-tempo swagger, grooving confidently atop big fat rock riffs and a jaunty beat. The vocal harmonies are pure heaven, and more than a little arena-ready in a Queens of the Stone Age kind of way. Baroness has finally gone full-blown, joyful rock on Purple—there's not a lick of heavy metal to be found on the whole damn album—and honestly? It makes sense that they'd reach for a lighter, more hopeful sound. After all, they're a band that's had far more than its fair share of darkness.

Purple is out December 18 via Abraxan Hymns.