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Madchild Is No Longer General of Battleaxe Warriors

It appears the beef threatening to tear apart Western Canada has finally taken a toll on Battleaxe Warriors.

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It appears that Madchild will not let his beef with Snak the Ripper of Stompdown Killaz die. And as a result, Battleaxe Warriors, the group he help found and named himself general of, has allegedly taken action. Going on a rant during a recent show on his cross-Canada tour, Machild calls out the members of SDK for a number of grievances, including revealing text messages and phone calls. "Stompdown Killaz is the most low life scum piece of shit, dirtiest motherfucker filthy fucking scum bags," he says in a slurring manner after saying that they are "welcome" to join the Battleaxe Warriors family. A few day later, Madchild posted a message on Facebook saying that he is no longer the general of his tattooed bro club. "We are all the Face of BAX WAR," Madchild says in the post. "I'm just a regular member like everybody else now and prefer that their [sic] be no " leaders" .. But respect to all the guys behind the scenes putting in work and connecting Family." It appears that the beef that was threatening to tear apart Western Canada has only torn apart Madchild's involvement as general of the Battleaxe Warriors. Snak the Ripper, who is currently on a European tour, has tweeted in response to this news that he is "too happy enjoying my life to give a single fuck about old drama." Watch the full video from the rant below. We will bring you more information on this story as it develops.


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Madchild calls out Snak The Ripper

Madchild goes off on a drunken rant at a recent show calling out Stompdown Killaz and threatens Snak The Ripper

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BC Underground Hiphop

on Friday, February 5, 2016