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What Musicians Were Wearing and Sharing on Instagram This Week 4/26: 4/20 Edition

So. Many. Blunts.

This week we celebrated the date 4/20, and the music celeb Instagram community definitely celebrated it. Photos, videos, blunts, joints, vapes, kush, blah blah blah—when potheads get to light one up for the holiday, they go all out. Here are some pics of our favorite stoners showing out for the week of greenery.

When I first saw this photo I thought it was kale because I’m a fucking weirdo with a severe Whole Foods obsession. It’s not though, it’s a jar full of 25 blunts (I counted). Are these a part of #RossFit, Mr. Bawse?


Madge wasn’t really doing her thug thizzle for 4/20, but this photo of her MAWI bag that says “Dealer” just felt so appropriate. Imagine if Madonna really was a pot dealer? Like she’d sell Hydro in Kabbalah water tied with a red string or something. I will say this though, Madonna pot would probably change your life. For better or worse.

This photo is funny because it’s like vintage Weeknd shit, where he was always hiding his face behind something like a weird light or a woman’s leg. Here it’s a giant cloud of smoke. Neat.

I hate always looking at pictures of Joey Bada$$ like I’m a concerned mom. I want to march in that room and put out that giant joint that looks like a deformed penis and yell at A$AP Rocky and 2 Chainz and tell them that they should hang out with guys their own age. Then I would bring Joey for an ice cream cone.

It would be like spitting at God if we didn’t include a pic of Wiz Khalifa smoking. I’m just wondering who still wears Tommy Hilfiger.

Why is SZA so adorable that for 4/20 she puts up a selfie captioned “Fo twenni” and that’s all that’s needed? She’s probably high as fuck, but she’s not holding a joint. She’s holding an umbrella. Too cute.

I know the guy who made this meme that Lil Wayne posted. His name is Mike Trampe. Just wanted to shout him out, but also did Wayne and Drake get into a fight after this meme arrived? Is Drake going to write a sad song about this? As an aside, Wayne’s cooties face is hilarious.


I had to post this one because I didn’t realize this said “EST” until I was looking at it for like five minutes. It looked like crop signs of people having sex. Hi, I’m a pervert.

Had to do a screengrab of this video on Rae Sremmurd’s instagram. They’re selling hoodies where the strings are vapes. HOW FUCKING COOL IS THAT? I wish I could get a hoodie where the strings are attached to iced coffee. #DeepThots

I love how all of Waka’s friends are trying to look hard, and the hardest muthafucker there (Waka, obvs) is cheesing so hard that his face may break apart. Let this be a lesson to all you posers: putting on Mortal Kombat faces in photos makes you look like a douche. Smile once in a while. Waka says so. He also says to use Pine Bros lozenges.

Tyler, the Creator didn’t necessarily post about 4/20, but on that date he did show one of the covers of Cherry Bomb, which was someone holding a joint and pissing himself. Good times.

Yeah, this is fucking gluttonous. 2 Chainz posted a bunch of videos of him lighting this joint the size of a human leg, so here’s a screen grab of that. This is entirely too big. Like I feel the fire department needs to show up to check everyone for smoke inhalation. How come this is allowed to exist, but I can’t order that KFC Double Down? Where is the justice?

And here we have The Game smoking a baby’s arm and somehow making it look incredibly sexy.

If Snoop had his own religion, this would be the crucifix. So much sacrilege, guys.

Miley’s out here looking like she's the Shiva of Stoners and I’m here for it. She’s another one who could probably have her own religion, though something tells me it would probably end with Kool-Aid and that’s just bad news.

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