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Watch This Shitty Canadian Politician in a Shitty Political Rap Video That's Shitty

It's like a one-man Canadian version of 'Hamilton' but bad. Like, REALLY bad... and shitty.

Does this look like a video you would watch if we didn't write about it?

In what may be a low point for Canadian culture as a whole, Conservative MP Arnold Viersen has proposed that the other candidates for Stephen Harper's just-vacated spot as Conservative party leader settle the score through Hamilton-esque rap battles. Naturally, he's done so by releasing a video of himself rapping over a beat that had to be left over from Eminem's recycle bin in 1999. Viersen's dated slang and stilted "wiggity-wiggity-wack" gestures are exactly as awkward as you'd expect, and his flow perpetually falls off the beat like the wheels from his party's momentum. He spends most of the video rapping – in character – as other leadership hopefuls such as Kevin O'Leary and Maxime Bernier, employing cutting-edge graphics and memes like so:

I guess the idea behind the video was to show how cool an IRL Canadian Hamilton could be? If so, my dude has failed conclusively and the entire presentation is probably going to set stereotypes about Canadians, rap, and Canadian rap even further back than they already are. Watch the video below and prepare to cringe.