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Afrika Bambaataa Denies Allegations of Child Abuse

"I never abused nobody."

Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Afrika Bambaataa continues to oppose the claims that he was a serial abuser of young boys in the late 70s and early 80s. The electro and hip-hop figurehead spoke to local New York news in a televised interview about the controversy he is currently embroiled in, which started when political activist and former record exec Ronald Savage came forward about being molested by Bambaataa at age 15. Since then, three more men have come forward and Bambaataa was forced to step down from his position in the Universal Zulu Nation.

In the interview with Fox 5, Bambaataa vehemently denies the allegations against him, stating that he'd like to know what the "agenda" of Savage and the rest of his accusers is. He also briefly mentions why his integrity would even be questioned, given the community work he was doing at the time. Watch the interview below.

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