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Hexvessel's New Jam "Earth Over Us" Is a Finnish Freak Folk Mind Trip Full of Surf Guitars

If Dick Dale ever let his freak folk flag fly inside a haunted house, it'd sound a lot like this new jam from these Finnish weirdos.

Photo by Maija Lahtinen

The new seven-inch from Finnish psychedelic folk weirdos Hexvessel leads off with a new song, "Earth Over Us," which basically sounds like Dick Dale letting his freak folk flag fly in Jinx Dawson's haunted house, the understated surf guitar twanging ominously beneath Mat McNerney's knowing yelp. The mincing, organ-powered groove beckons back to Coven's "For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge," and like much of Hexvessel's work, the overall effect is strange and wonderful.

As McNerney stated in a press release, "This is the first song I wrote for the new album, and some who have seen us this year will have heard this one live already. It was just our first step towards the album we call When We Are Death, and so there are many surprises we're holding back, both haunting, folk and heavy-psych. "Earth Over Us" is our gateway drug that we hope hooks you up to the Hexvessel magic trip we're gonna lay on you come January 2016."