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PREMIERE: Watch Winter's New Dream-Pop Video For "Crazy"

Winter's new video will make you want to sit in the park, chew bubblegum, twirl your hair, and talk about boys forever.

Samira Winter moved to Los Angeles from Boston last year, which makes sense, since her music is basically meant to be listened to in the back of a speeding car headed to the beach. When I first dug around the Internet to listen to Winter, I found a track titled "Alligator" which is a dream-pop guitar rock jam that I immediately added to multiple of my personal playlists.

Fangirl moments aside, Winter has a brand new album that came out in March titled Supreme Blue Dream via Lolipop Records, and we're premiering the video for the second track off the album titled "Crazy." The video is basically an example of what I would want my own music video to look like. It's karaoke-styled with lyrics lit up at the bottom of the screen while Samira sings front and center at a party while her backing band wears big silver boxes over their heads. This one dude with cool shades is drinking a "crazy" drink, and passes out and has a seizure before going into dreamland:


And then he dreams of homegirl serenading him on a beach:

The whole video is awesome, and the song makes me want to sit in the park, chew bubblegum, twirl my hair, and talk about boys forever.

Watch Winter's video for "Crazy" below: