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Premiere: Oscar Key Sung X Cassius Select - "Wanna"

Oooh that beat is tight.

Aussie record label Two Bright Lakes has been churning out some amazing R&B vibes lately including

Oscar Key Sung

who we've been internet since his debut EP


(And if you haven't seen his totally tripped out

video for "All I Could Do,"

rectify this immediately.) This time round he’s collaborated with Aussie producer

Cassius Select

to dish up a new track that'll make you “Wanna” trance out. And invest in some alone time with a pair of high-end headphones.


The intro might be tranquil but once that beat drops you'll be vibing for days. Combined with the track's looped vocals, which pan hypnotically and melt with the bumping bass, "Wanna" is warmly reminiscent of a trancier version of SOHN or James Blake.

Keep your ears peeled for Oscar's endeavors with Andras Fox—they're on an airier dance kick—but for now listen to this track and get lost for a little while.

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