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Banoffee is Not Just a Pie Flavor But Also an Artist and Here's Her Video For "Got It"

But really, if you haven't tried the tasty British dessert known as a banofee pie, you should.

Did you know Banoffee is a type of pie? Fact. It's bananas plus toffee plus cream. It's an English dessert and it's yum. Banoffee also happens to be the name co-opted by Melbourne native Martha Brown, who we interviewed earlier this year about the surprise success of her track "Ninja" which was apparently about making someone you like breakfast and dinner, yet somehow sounded euphemistically sexual. Above is the premiere of her video "Got It." The track is part R&B, part synth pop tied in with crazy vocal manipulations making Brown’s artistic pseudonym the perfect pie analogy. The track's sweet spot is around halfway through when the cyclical synths and lyrical refrains unify with a bump N' grind beat.


Lyrically, Martha says the song “is about two different feelings: the injustice you can feel when someone turns out to be different to who you thought they were, and the comfort that’s found in knowing that you are authentic and true, even though you may be flawed.”

Banoffee's eponymous EP is out via Two Bright Lakes this August.

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