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Kill Murray is Stoned and Kawaii

The young New Zealander mixes High Times with Hello Kitty.
June 22, 2014, 1:23am

That there, holding a picture of Ted and Whoopi in one hand and a Krusty the Clown bong in the other, is Katie Bryer Meadows, a 22 year old from Wellington who performs under the name Kill Murray.

Directed by Frances Marler and Courtney Rodgers, the video for her latest track “Smoke Blowbacks” is shot in Katie’s bedroom and features weed, pink lip-gloss and pillow fights. It comes across as half Hello Kitty and half Gummo.


Personal and open rhymes like, “I like you a lot more than I care to admit/Avoiding eye contact is my favourite party trick” are made darker backed by the melancholic beat of [“Let Me See It” the 2012 track]( ? ) produced by Suicideyear.

We thought the video looked cool and were intrigued with the song so sent Katie some questions to find out more about her music and bedroom.

Noisey: There are some Japanese salary men who would’ve paid good money to sit in on that video shoot.

Katie Bryer Meadows: I'll gladly accept money from any men who are going to sexualize and objectify me and my work, but that's not what I want to be taken for but rather from the things I create. I talk about sex in my songs but I don't want it to necessarily be erotic. Anyway, that's what my bedroom looks like 24/7 so enquire within for rates.

How did you end up choosing the beat from Suicideyear's 2012 track “Let Me See It”?

I keep a window open on my desktop for lyrics I come up with and I really liked what I’d written for the chorus, so it was in the back of my head whenever I was listening to beats, and let me see it is so pretty but sort of hazy and dizzy and it all fit together nicely. I was listening to that album a lot because I was pretty sad.

Where do you see yourself sitting in the New Zealand hip hop scene?

On it’s face, smoking a post-coital cigarette.

“Smoke Blowback” is available now for free download through MUZAI records.

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