This story is over 5 years old.

Against Me!’s Video for “Drinking with the Jocks” Will Give You the Raddest Seizure


The videos Against Me! have released for Transgender Dysphoria Blues have had a running theme of being black and white, fast cut, and dark as hell. That includes their lyric video for “Fuckmylife666,” and their official video for “Black Me Out,” not to mention the album cover, which can best be described as a meat tit, created by none other than misanthropic art machine extraordinaire, Steak Mtn. Now, Steak and the band have teamed up again for a video for “Drinking with the Jocks” and it’s their black-and-white-iest, fastest cutted, darkest as hell video yet.

Maybe it took seeing the words visually to realize, but the lyrics to this song are so over-the-top in their anti-macho bullshit sentiment in the most badass possible way. So watch the video above and have a deepened appreciation for the song. Against Me! are going out on tour soon with Creepoid and Ms. Jenny Owen Youngs, who penned this awesome thing for Noisey last week. Definitely check that out.